Sunday, February 5, 2012

How much of our lives do we base upon trying to be accepted by others, without even really being aware of it. Honestly there are a lot of motives at work in us that we are not even aware of, because we are just not paying attention. I do believe what God thinks of me, what my husband thinks of me and what my children think of me is of the upmost importance. But it is important that I do not seek to Get my validation from anyone else but god. The big thing in my life is peace. Making decisions and doing things in such a way that make for peace in all the important relationships in my life. I do not always know how to do that and sometimes I do and I chose not to. But as we are getting ready to have our 2nd child move into Our new home I have such a strong desire to be more laid back. But some people may think I am already way too laid back. But I sense ther some work that god wants to do in that area. I have taken some baby steps in that area already but my mental life needs some work. There are soame thong about the way thT I think about things that Re wearing me out. Things I just cannot handle. My mental life does not seem at peace. I am ready for it to be.

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