Monday, February 14, 2011

Don't get distracted

I heard people say things like "Life if what you make it"  "You decide your destiny".  I think these sayings are true to an extent.  We do have choices in life.  Sometimes the hard thing is focusing on what is going to be the "best" life for you and your family.  Our family has chosen a life that is of a slower pace, my husband has his own business and I am a full-time homemaker.  My daughter goes to school 2 days a week and has gymnastics on Monday evening.  Most of our time is spent in our home.  This has been hard for me since I was one of those people that couldn't sit still before I got married.  Although I have matured since then, it's still hard.  But I see how God has used our slower pace of life to keep us healthy as a family, it is absolutely undeniable!  But we live in a face paced culture so it's hard.  I think that you can choose to live a fast paced life and go for the gusto, but you could be sacrificing your health in some instances and your relationships.  I'm not saying that's bad.  I'm just saying that we pick and chose what's important to us in our lives and then we pursue that.  Everybody is different, God made us different.  For me the most important things are a stable home..............gotta go, I'll be back later. 

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