Thursday, February 24, 2011

Functioning in the world again.

Since I had my very first child 3 years ago I feel like I have been to a certain extent removed from the world.  I went to the dentist today and it's been way to long to mention since i've been.  Even though I have extreme anxiety, I'm so glad I went.  It feels like I'm "functioning" again.  I'm now working for my husband's business, keeping his books on the accounting side.  It's nice to be off the hamster wheel of taking care of my daughter, sleeping, cooking cleaning.  This cycle gets old; and you welcome a healthy distraction from it.  It doesn't mean I'll stop the other stuff.  It just means those other things are not my only focus anymore.  Even now as I sit here, I need to clean the kitchen really bad, but that's not my only focus anymore.  Plus I'm learning that if it really needs to be done it will get done.  Thank God for that! 

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