Friday, February 11, 2011

Little by Little

I have been toying with the idea of working little by little towards something.  I feel like my learning how to "keep home" has been just that.  But now, I'm looking to work towards some dreams that I have,,, like my website that caters to woman in every area of their lives.  I love reaching out to other women,  women are so beautiful to me inside and out.  I figured it's time for me to start working on realizing this dream little by little.  That means the following:

1.  Working little by little on my website. The pictures below are some of the graphics.  The first one I want to frame it with watermarks of the face shots of different women, I would need models for that.  The 2nd one is the website/ministry logo

2.  I just want to start reaching out to women in small ways.  I love to encourage and build other women up and I hope this blog will be a part of accomplishing that.

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