Friday, February 25, 2011

Mommy Guilt

 Update on "Being off Coffee" - I have had a couple sips but that's really it.   
 Right now I'm really feeling a little guilty.  God has me in a place where I have had to distance myself from my daughter a little bit and it's not easy.  God is changing the dynamics of how we operate a little bit and it's kind of uncomfortable even though I see His hand in it.  From the time Noah (my daughter) was born I have spent lots of time playing with her, teaching her, and going lots of fun places with her.  Recently a lot of this activity has stopped because it has become difficult to keep it up and she gives me and her daddy a very hard time when it comes time for us to stop playing with her and do something else.  I've noticed that it actually goes better if we just leave to her to herself when it comes to playtime.  I believe God is also teaching her during this time.  Matter-a-fact it's been going very smoothly just letting her be to herself during the day.  It doesn't stop the guilt of feeling like I'm neglecting her somehow.  At the same time I do know I couldn't keep doing what I was doing with her before, it was really wearing me out.  I'm hoping I can stay obedient in this place that God has me in so He can do everything He wants to do in me and in my daughter.  Even when our kids our young, God sometimes has us step aside for Him to work.     

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