Thursday, February 17, 2011

Monthly mood cycles.

I think most of us know as women that some of the challenges we run into in terms of mood have to with hormones. I'm trying to get a better understanding of how my difficult moods correlate with different times of the month, so I can be better prepared for them and know how to respond.  Sometimes as women it's hard to control what's going on inside us simply because of hormones and i think during those times we just need to trust God and lean on His grace more.  And it feels great to know that we feel the way we do because of hormones instead of blaming a person or a certain set of circumstances.  Knowing your monthly mood cycle helps you get in the habit of stepping back and trying to understand your different moods instead of acting on them  This is very good habit to have.  There are obviously times where something is really wrong and you are genuinely upset, genuinely sad,; but other times we experience these same emotions when there is nothing really wrong, just our hormones.  I don't thing it's just hormones I think we all just have a monthly mood cycle in general even men.  I think to step back for 2 months and mark the days where you are feeling really down or just very touchy and see if it falls around the same dates every month.  It that's the case, it's probably just something that goes on chemically in your body during those times to help promote balance our lives.  If that is the case maybe we can prepare for those particular times of the month by lightning our stress load.  If we know this time is coming up we can lighten our work load and incorporate more personal time in your schedule, maybe schedule your manicures/ pedicures and/or massages around those times if those are things you do.  Maybe if you can schedule a babysitter a couple times for that week. I think these monthly moods cycles have a purpose, but you have to talk to God to discover that for yourself.

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