Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things already starting to change

I have went from struggling with some specific things to
praying about those things while still knowing it was going to take some time
Now, God is changing these things and really has been all along. 

Things are really looking up in our home.  Well, this blog was created for me to document my journey and struggles in making our home into the refuge that the Lord wants it to be for our whole family. 

Well, today my daughter was home with a little stomach virus.  It turned out to be a very short bout and she was feeling better and eating pretty early in the day.  Well, that left me with an entire day with my schedule thrown off.  My daughter is usually in school on Tuesdays and I fully expected her to be today until she started spitting up last night.  I decided to spend the day doing the things I enjoy most - writing and playing my Sims game.  In the past I've felt like I've been in kind of a bondage to playing with my daughter.  Feeling like I had to play with her everyday.  But today I held back and kept a certain amount of distance for a good part of the day, and I waited to see what would happen.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised!  It seems my daughter can play very well by herself for the entire day.  She played very creatively all day by herself and did not bug me to play with her at all and then at around 3pm she sat down on the couch and took a nap.  She is napping now.  Maybe I don't have to be in bondage to her wanting me to play with her anymore.  Maybe it's time for us to turn a corner and my home can be a place to play and rest even for me, even during the day. Hooray. Have you heard the saying "The children shall lead them".  Well, there has been a small nudging on my heart for a while directing me to just observe my daughter.  My daughter loves being at home, while I have really been struggling with that aspect of my life.  Maybe my daughter can teach me how to  love being at home too!  She is off to a great start!  Up until about 1 month ago I was doing a lot of learning activities at home with her.  I've had to pull back from that and I'm hoping God will return me to it at some point.  Sometimes God just has to knock down the whole building to re-build it even BETTER!  If God has something better in mind for you never settle for the "good" always go for the "better".  Pray for me.

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