Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Cut out" for Being a housewife

-Being a housewife is for the women who believes that her contribution to the home far outweighs anyone else's.
-Being a housewife is not for the women who believes that she and her husband are equals inside and outside the home.
-Being a housewife is not for the women who believes her contribution outside the home is just as important or more important than her contribution inside the home.
-Being a housewife is not for the women that thinks her monetary contribution to the home is anywhere near as valuable as bringing love, care, and nourishment to the home.

I am not saying staying-at-home full-time is "right" or "wrong".  I'm just saying that to commit to it and be successful at it, you have to be of a certain mind.  Nobody wants to choose to devote so much of their time to something they don't feel successful at or "cut out" for.  If you make the decision for become a full-time housewife, if you are going to be happy, you have to believe you were somehow made and gifted with strengths for such a task.  You have to believe that you are more gifted than your spouse to carry out such a task.  To be successful at it, you can't be divided on the issue.  I'm saying all this because there are many days you don't "feel" successful or you don't "feel" like you are making a "significant" enough contribution, but on the contrary you have to believe, despite how you feel, that you will be successful in this because you are "cut out" for it and that you are making the most valuable contribution to your home and family.

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