Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monthly mood cycles.

I am tracking my monthly mood cycles because I am trying to better discern when I need to change things up in my routine as opposed to pressing through it.  It's March 1st and I'm feeling like I'm on a hamster wheel
AGAIN with my life.  I'm starting to numb up and feel like a robot.  Not really feeling engaged in life, but rather just doing life.  I still recognize God's miraculous hand in things but I'm thinking this is on  of those times I have to switch things up a bit.  Although life is hard I believe in being completely engaged in the life that God has given us and I believe in life being completely felt.  Feeling the pain of the "hard times", the joy of the "good times", the blah's of the "so-so" times.  It all has purpose.  I think the challenge of switching things up is doing so while staying in the realm of responsibility.  Even harder to do when you have young children.  Determining what you can let go of for a time and what you shouldn't "let go".
Housecleaning is one of those things you can let go of a little bit
Cooking, I don't like to let go of.
I don't know what else but I will figure it out.

I'm signing off.  Gotta do my budget.  Something I can't let go of.


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