Friday, March 25, 2011


It is amazing to me how much little one's need their routines.  It seems they thrive best when on a regular schedule.  Honestly, one of the blessings that has come from becoming a mom is that my life is now on a routine.  I didn't have that before.  Now, I will admit it can get a little boring sometimes.  I even have to switch it up at times so I can stay productive.  But for the most part I think having a routine and sticking to it is good for adults as well.  I believe your routine has to fit your personality and the personality of your child.  Having a daily routine has been a God-send for myself and my daughter.  Even though my daughter is in school 2 days a week, I still do a homeschool curriculum with her, when she is home and I am still toying with the idea of homeschooling.  I think she would do well, I just don't know if I would survive it.  We are moving soon and I don't have a new preschool lined up yet, so maybe this will be an opportunity to see if homeschool is a "go" or a definite "no". 

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