Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Turning Inward (Ramblings)

When I turn inward:
I hear birds tweeting.
I dream of the possibilities of life
The possibilities of decorating our home
The possibilities of enhancing the life of our children
The possibilities of going to culinary school
The possibilities of starting a garden where my flowers are thriving instead of dying
The possibilities of discovering something new about who I am
The possibilities of dreams being awakened that I didn't know were there
The possibility of adding something deep and meaningful to the life of others
The possibility of intimacy by relating to another person's deepest fears and deepest longings
The possibility of discovery
Turning inward

I believe in fully embracing each season of one's life, even when it's difficult.  Why?  Because when you do, possibilities start to surface.  There are great possibilities in every season of a person's life.  I have changed so much from the person I use to be, and it's becoming rather exciting because I wonder where this is going.  I long to do things I never thought I would care so much about.  What has God intended?  I think when you stop trying to control life and let God be in control, you will surprised at what occurs! 

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