Friday, April 8, 2011

Changing stages of family life

Noah is now in school 3 whole days a week.  This is our first week doing it and today is the first day she will have gone to school back to back.  She seems fine with it.  I really believe it was time for her, but it is also a reminder to me about how quickly time goes.  I have to get used to not being with her on Fridays now.  I didn't think that it would affect me like this, I mean she was already going to school 2 days, but that doesn't matter.  Friday's was our free day, we would get together with friends and just hang out together.  I mean we still have Monday's and Wednesday's; and the weekends.  I know it's good because Noah loves playing with her friends and in most cases prefers playing with peers over playing with me.  I've seen that shift in her over the last couple months.  I've also seen sort of a restlessness coming over her at home and I just sensed, that in order to keep our lives balanced and happy, it was time to up the days in school.  Noah is advanced in the area of social interaction and role play, she has been since she learned how to say "hi"..   I remember when that was the only word she would really say and she would get her "little people"  and she would want you to carry a conversation from her just saying "hi" over and over again.  In school she has kids in her class that are on her level socially, but her friends that are still at home aren't quite at the stage where they can initiate pretend play or role play.  It's interesting because I considered homeschooling her but God has shown me that while homeschooling is a "good" thing.  It's not always the "best" thing for every family.  That fact has been hard for me to accept because it seems to be close to how God intended life to be and maybe He did.  But I think one thing we have to realize is that we all have different strengths and weaknesses, we are all at different stages in our walks with God and we have to allow God to meet us where we are and you have to do what works for your family.

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