Saturday, April 2, 2011

Daily nit pick list

So, my daily "Nit pick list" keeps me sane.  We all have our pet peeves that annoy us, so when it comes to keeping my home, to keep stress down, I just tend to the items on my "Nit pick list" and don't worry to much about anything else.
  1. I clear the dining room table off everyday after lunch and put chairs on top of it to give me room to vacuum the rug underneath it and it lets everybody know that the dining room table is "off limits" until dinnertime. That way we don't get clutter and toys all over it before dinner.  One less thing for me to do to prepare for dinner.
  2. Floors,  I vacuum area rugs downstairs almost everyday and use my "Vac then Steam" on my wood floors to keep crumbs up.  I HATE dirty floors.
  3. Take all jackets and clothes off the main floor and put up in bedrooms where they belong
  4. Clear clutter off buffet and all dishes and "pantry items" off counters.
  5. Make my bed.
That's my daily nit pick list.  It's not too much but keeps me peaceful.   What's yours???

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