Monday, April 4, 2011

Fast forward

I was just telling my husband, that last night, even though I was tired I did not want to come to bed because I knew that as soon as I hit the pillow, time would fast forward and it would be time to get up and do it all over again way before I was ready too.  My husband said "that's how life is" and he was right.  You have to allow children to pull you out of some many comfort zones if you want to have peace in your home.  If you are not an early bird, if you're child is an early bird, there goes that comfort zone.  If you hate routine and thrive off diversity and variety and change, you better thrive off something else because children thrive in routines.  They need their routines and they instinctively know it.  Even though routines can be difficult day in and day out it can really help you and your child keep peace in the home. 

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