Saturday, April 2, 2011

How do you see yourself seriously

Your authentic self.  Learning something about my authentic self.  The person who I am, who I wanna be, whom I love.  When I became a mom, I had more important things to be concerned about than impressing the world around me.  I use to want to impress people when I was younger, I wanted to impress people with my clothes, my body, my hair, my brains, etc. etc.  But all that started to fall off me 3 years ago.  It created space for God to start showing me "who I really am".  I'm like "Hey, I'm kinda cool.".  "I like this woman a lot more, than the other woman."  Now I'm even able to shop with a knowledge of who I really am instead of just worrying about how I want to look.   I just want to look like me.  My hair is a little past my shoulder, straight, shiny, black; I have on comfy, fitting, sweat pants that stop at the ankle, a comfy long white button up shirt and some white socks.  That describes me.  I seem to have this vision of myself as this rugged sexy type.  Long hair, comfy clothes, cute boots, and riding horses.  This is how I always view myself now for some reason, go figure.  So I just go with that.   It's funny because my husband seems to always compliment me when I dress myself according to that vision I have of myself;  and he knows nothing about it because I haven't told him.  Yes, I do believe you are most beautiful when you are being true to who you are.
Side Bar - I just bought this little bohemian style dress below. Love it!  Sexy, comfy, and I can wear it to the playground with my daughter.  I do love the bohemian look.

Cheers, to being the "real you"

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