Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My day

I am excited and reminded that I am living God's plan for my life out today.  My daughter is at home with me today and it is the last day of the week that she is at home with me.  She goes to school Thursday and Friday.  I really do miss her on those days.  I hope to take full advantage of having her home with all the ups and downs.  As she has been in school more, our time together has become so much more important.  It a time for her to feel loved and enjoyed, a time for her to be herself, a time for her to have the mom who is also a playmate.  She needs to be reminded sometimes that she can still count on me to be her playmate.  Today I have some learning activities for her.  We are working on the letter "H" this week.  We will do our devotional, we will do some computer games, some learning and some just fun.  I promised her we would go on the Disney website and play games.  We'll play some hide and seek and maybe some blocks.  We will clean her sink and her bathtub which she enjoys doing very much, she will take a bath.  I might be a little tired after that, so we'll see what happens next.  Have a great day, going to eat breakfast (french toast and bacon).  Noah's going to watch 1 more show then we will get busy!

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