Monday, April 18, 2011

Out of whack

I have been fighting allergies this weekend and even though I feel better, I don't quite feel like myself. 
Drowsy from not getting a good nights sleep in awhile.  My daughter was waking me up in the wee hours of the morning last week and then being up because of allergies this weekend.  I don't feel like myself, but I know I still have to act like myself.  Which is not easy to do.  It's hard to do what you normally do, when you don't feel like  yourself.  On top of that, I came on my cycle this morning.  I have a lot to do today.  Noah and I have to finish out our learning activities for the letter G, which we started last week.  We have to make 1 more Easter card then we have to run to the post office to mail them, I have to go to target and I have to go to Trader Joes.  Then I need to come home and make lunch.  Later on I have to wash and Do my daughter's hair, and have dinner cooking at some point during the day to be ready for 5pm.  A part of me is thinking I might have to hold off until tomorrow for some of this stuff.  I dunno.  I just know that it's not good to push yourself to hard, especially when you are recovering from something. 

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