Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The right to not do anything

As it gets warm and sunny there is a great temptation to get outside with Noah, but I have to remember that sometimes I get tired and sometimes I need to stay inside even when the sun is shining.  "Experts" would have you to think that you absolutely have to get kids out everyday.  While I agree with that to an extent.  I do think that it's ok to take a break and just hang out inside.  The kids won't die from being indoors.  Plus, for me sometimes I get exhausted from running around outside with Noah then coming in and having to get my chores done.  Sometimes I want to have a slow day.  I have to admit.  It feels good.  It gives me a chance to spend some time just hanging out with Noah and gives her a chance to have some downtime and some practice at keeping herself occupied.  You never want to box yourself into certain routines.  Give yourself freedom, God gives it to you.

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