Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gonna sound crazy!

I hope nobody reads this post because it's gonna sound kind of crazy.  There was a time when I felt like God was so in my face, doing mighty things.  Outrageous things in my life and then something changed in our relationship.  I didn't know what had happened.  I thought something was wrong.  I didn't "feel" God in my life the way I use to.  There was a quietness that I had never experienced in my relationship with God and it scared me.  But over the years God has shown me that our relationship had matured and it was just different, nothing wrong with it, it's just different.  Well, my husband and I have been going through some issues with our daughter.  She is very demanding of us to spend lots of time playing with her.  She is 3.  The problem is that we both play with her a lot and now she throws fits if want to get up just to take a 2 minute break.  She has done it 3 times already.  When we went through this before I had to really step back from her and keep my distance in terms of playing for awhile and life was much more peaceful that way.  No tantrums.  But me being the "hands-on mother that I am I figured it would be ok to start playing at home with her again.  Obviously I was wrong it wasn't ok.  I just feel like a "good" mom plays with her kids.  But I'm reminded of Ecclesiastes chapter 3.  It talks about there being a time for everything.  I think this is the time the Noah needs me to refrain from being involved in her playtime until she matures enough to handle my being involved.  It sounds weird because she is only 3 but I lie to you not, when I stepped back and stopped playing with her she was much more content.  I guess this is the season for it.  Now, the question is what am I going to do with myself?  hm-m-m-m-.  

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