Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just comes natural

We all have things that come natural to us.  Strengths, that are not always easy but we know in our hearts we have a knack for certain things.  Sometimes your willingness is not matched up with some of the natural ability that God gave you.  Have you ever "not felt like" doing something that you know you have a knack for.  Have you ever disliked an area where you know your strengths are?  I have learned to stay away from certain preached messages in the church.  There are messages that communicate that if you are gifted in certain areas than those are the areas enjoy working in most in your life.  That's not necessarily true.  Messages that lead you to believe when you feel like you can't go on one more day you are right  on the verge of "your breakthrough".  That's not necessarily true either.  Gotta be careful. The overall message of my life is just learn how to lean on God more everyday and learn about His person so you can continue to build your relationship with Him.  He shows you want He desires for your life, the paths He wants you to take as you walk with Him.   

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