Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lessons learned this week

-You can learn a lot from family
-When being led to take a big step of faith, God can put a weight of peace on you that just won't lift
- Want's are fleeting, but needs constantly hover over you when you don't take care of them
-Don't underestimate the importance of your "needs"
  1. Your need for nutritious meals
  2. Your need to exercise
  3. Your need to take care of your feet because you're on them so much (can somebody say monthly pedicure)
  4. Your need to at least touch on those things that give you the greatest satisfaction sometimes
  5. Your need for balance and to be in tune with what that means for your life
  6. Sensing and responding to your own limitations.
I believe in having a healthy respect for your "needs" and and your "want's".  I believe in having a understanding of your inner flow so you can create outward balance with what you chose to do and how you chose to do it.  

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