Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Starting slow so I can be nice

There are a ton of important things we need to do for and with our kids.  Teaching them to behave properly, teaching their ABCs and 123s, teaching them about other people, how to build relationships, etc.  But the most important thing is to teach them love.  Sometimes I have to sacrifice doing things for her in order to love myself by giving myself a break.  I was going to make pancakes this morning but ended up popping frozen french toast in the microwave instead because I needed to take some time this morning to wake up and really re-focus my thoughts.   When I take the time to see to my needs and show myself some love, it helps me to love my family better. My days have been productive but also busy and I don't always know when the time is to slow down a bit.  It's often time hard to see past your family and your "daily to-do's".  But I start to miss myself amidst everything and I need to re-connect.  Sometimes I miss certain aspects of the person I was before marriage and kids.  I miss thoughts that focused on something other than cleaning, cooking, etc.  Sometimes I feel like I have to re-visit the place in my heart where my dreams and passions live.  Some of my most favorite things to remember are:
1.  When I came to trust Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior
2.  Helping small businesses with their marketing
3.  The opportunities I was able to take advantage of working with USAID as a contractor and all the different exciting responsibilities I had
4.  How God has helped me become content in my role as a homemaker

God's peace abides within me, his strength sustains me, and His hands cover me.  My prayer is that I am always using the talents that God has given me according to His will and the season of life that I'm in. 

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