Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wanting vs, Waiting

As children we want things like toys and to go to fun places and to play with our friends.  There are times where I parents couldn't get us those things soon enough,  sometimes our parents couldn't get us those things at all.  Waiting is a skill that we can help our children with starting very young.  Although I don't think waiting for something you want is easy for anybody, I do think that if you give your child everything they want and they never have to wait for anything and they are never denied anything, they grow up with a false perception of how life is.  Then if and when they develop their own relationship with God, they are going to come in direct conflict with their upbringing.  They will struggle against God a lot in that area. I pray about that a lot with my daughter because her dad and I love giving her the things that she wants, we love making her happy. But I know how much waiting and being patient has been a part of getting closer to God and I want her to have the benefit of being taught about that in our home for her future relationship with God.  On the flip side, I love thinking about how the way we care about Noah and how we want to make her happy gives us a glimpse into the heart of God and how He feels about His children.

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