Friday, May 6, 2011

The world is tough

I believe that everybody needs a soft place to fall at home.  A warm, inviting place filled with love.  There is a little girl at my daughter's school who happen to be one of her favorite friends.  Well, she told me yesterday that this little girl wasn't her friend on the playground.  She wasn't sad, because we've talked to her about having other friends and playing with everyone in her class and we have talked to her about how some friends will change and might not want to be friends anymore.  But it made me think about how important it is for our children to have the consistency of loving fellowship in their home.  They go out into a tough world even at the tender age of 3.  It's really important for my daughter to know that her daddy and I will always rejoice in how God has created her, we will always love her, and we will always enjoy her company and spending time with her.  I want Noah to have a sweet enough fellowship at home, to fight all the bitter that is out in the world. 

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