Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cleaning tips

If you are sensitive to strong smells like me, the following items are great for deodorizing your home.
1.  Baking soda works great on carpet as an alternative to some of the stronger smelling carpet fresheners.  Leave it on there for a couple hours to absorb odors and then vacuum.  For me it actually improves that way the carpet looks after a vacuum.
2.  If you have odors that tend to develop in certain rooms in the house, like in the kitchen after you cooked something with lingering aromas, vinegar is great for that.  Just put some vinegar  in a bowl in the room with the odor and let it sit. You will find the odor is gone fairly  quickly.
3.  Vinegar is also great as a natural fabric softner for use in your washing machine.  I just put it in the place where I would normally put liquid bleach and set the washing machine accordingly to dispense it.  It also works as a laundry booster to get the odors out of soiled clothes. 

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