Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A glimpse of myself

SOme of the issues we have been going through with Noah have really forced me to look at myself. We do a lot for Noah and she is very fortunate and blessed.  Lately I have been noticing how much she takes for granted, and we have to now start teaching her how to appreciate things.  She is 3 yrs old and I know it's normal, but still has to be addressed.  It has made me think how much I take for granted as well.  It has made me reflect on ways in which I might be acting just like her towards God (my Father).  I really had to repent and ask for forgiveness.  God has truly blessed me and given me a beautiful family and a loving, smart, handsome, gracious provider in a husband.  My husband is so very, very good to me.  My life is literally a dream in the making.  I do know God has more for us and our life is just beginning but I just want to be more grateful for what we have right now.         

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