Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The great orchestrator

I keep thinking about how God spoke the stars, the moon, and the sun into orbit.  I keep thinking about the great order that exists, even in the midst of a fallen world.  Sometimes we may not be able to see God's order in our lives, but that's a good time to think about the seasons that take place at the same time every year.  The leaves fall off the trees at around the same time every year.  How the days get shorter or longer at around the same time every year.  How bears know when to hibernate.  The mating patterns of animals.  God sustains this very delicate thing called life.  It is delicate yet precious.  It is delicate because it can only be sustained by the One who created it.  That's your life, that's my life. 

Think about it, if God is able to orchestrate the various events and patterns that have taken place in nature and beyond since life began, surely he can orchestrate the right events in your life. 

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