Friday, June 3, 2011

Random "today" things

1.  Volunteering taking care of horses - Hoping to get to do some riding as well.  This is the first building block to pursuing one of my dreams.  Today is Friday and I was suppose to do it today, but I had to set up some new files for my hubby's business.  He has outgrown my little tabletop files, business is doing well.  Plus I had to pack a bag for my daughter spending the night over grandma's.  When I volunteer with the horses, I'm normally very tired and very dirty afterwards.  I have to do it on days where I don't have anything else to do afterwards but shower and rest. 

2.  Hubby and I have date night tonite.  Which makes 2 Fridays in a row.  I'm excited!  Last week we went to the Paladar Latin Kitchen and Rum bar.  It was delish! Tonite we are going to Applebees, they have a new pasta dish that I really like.

3.  Stay-at-home mom stuff - Try not to overspend especially when bored and if you have children in school and you are finding that spending money is becoming a big temptation, find something productive to do, something you enjoy, that doesn't cost money, preferably out of the house.  Being at home is such a blessing but it comes with it's own challenges and temptations.  Sometimes you really don't know what you want to do with all that time you have yet.  Pray about it and learn to wait for God to show you.  Which lead me to something else

4.  I'm going to be starting to sell Avon.  I'm very excited because it's such a great company that been around for awhile, everybody knows them, they have lots of variety at reasonable prices, it's only 10.00 to get started.  That's not all I'm going to do though, it's just the beginning.........

5.  This is definitely the season for me to be stepping out into my endeavers.  I know it in my soul.

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