Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shift in Focus

When you are single, it's a little easier to constantly try new things and do new things while still keeping up with the other responsibilities you have.  But it seems like when you get married and/or become a mom you have these "trade offs".  I have recently been trying some new things and giving more priority to things I hadn't in the past.  I do find that I can't focus near as much on stuff I was doing before, like cleaning for example.  Some of the things I'm trying are putting me out of the house more often.  Which is a good thing because it was definitely time for a switch for me.  But I look around and ask myself  "when am I going to get around to cleaning the toilets or when I'm I going to clean the carpet in Noah's room?"  As I look ahead at my schedule; the things I want to do, the things I have planned to do.  I don't really know when it's going to get done.  I guess I can only hope and pray that God shows me windows of opportunity to get these things done.  But I don't regret shifting my focus a bit.  It's the season for it and the best thing not only for me but also for my family.  When you are trying to stay in a routine or pattern that God is trying to take you out of, it can make you very frustrated and you project that negative energy onto your family.  As much as women out there want to believe that they can or should "do it all", it's not true.  Attempting to live that way is robing yourself of the life you could be enjoying and robbing the people around you of the "you" that God want's to bring out at that particular time.  As human beings we are multifaceted and God exposes different aspects of who we are at different times in our lives.  When it is truly time to shift your focus in life; to not do it is to rob those around you of a great opportunity to see you in a different and new light.  To be able to enjoy aspects of your personality that they might not have known about.    Cheers to changing focus. 

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