Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stopped Short

We are going on a cruise in 3 days, so My focus today was getting the laundry done and packing. The cruise is 7 days. In addition to washing & folding laundry I also vacuumed our bedroom and 2 stories of stairs, and the living room. It's already 2pm and I haven't cleaned the kitchen yet. I've stopped short once again from all I wanted to accomplish. I just get tired after 3 or 4 hours of household chores. Go figure. My body tells me "I can't do anymore." I have to respect that but it also means I will be cleaning the kitchen while I'm cooking dinner. Not my favorite way to do it, but that's ok. What would really bless me is if I could find these gloves that are used for cooking. These disposable gloves. I hate touching poultry and I tried to find these gloves at Safeway but they were sold out. Praying that I find them at Shoppers. I guess I'm off to the store once I start the dishwasher. That's my day in a nutshell so far. When I get a descent phone maybe I can enhance my blog posts with pictures. But until then......................

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