Friday, July 15, 2011

Get comfortable, it never ends

Many a mom with grown children have told me once you become a mom, mothering never ends. It never stops. I believe them. Because I look at my mom and other mothers in our family with grown children and they are just as busy taking care of family as they ever were it seems.Not only are you still mothering your own children, but you are mothering your grandchildren and sometimes even mothering your own aging parents. This is the cycle of life. I am just beginning my journey in mothering. I think I need to grab some popcorn, a good movie, a cozy blanket and get comfortable because this is my life. There is no turning back now. Mothers are busy not matter what the situation is, whether in the workplace or at home. We are busy serving. However I tend to think a fellow co-worker or superior in the workplace has the capacity to show a little more mercy than a toddler at home. I'm sure many reading this can relate to this. But the minute I get up, the demands start to the tune of "I want juice and a snack and to watch my movie"
"I'm done with my juice"
"I want something else"
"Mommy do you want to play with me"
"Are we gonna do activities?"

These comments summarize what the rest of my day is pretty much going to look like. My daughter has a script that plays out in her mind everyday all day. So predictable, the same script. I'm serious. She is seriously a creature of habit. That's why I do try to force her out of her comfort zones on a regular basis. What else can I say about this mothering thing in the 3 minutes I have before I have to prepare Noah's "activities" for the morning? I think mothering is most enjoyable when you don't try to fight the natural flow of it. Embrace your lifelong journey of nonstop daily service to your family and lean on God the whole step of the way.

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