Monday, July 18, 2011

Hard, but it works!

I love my little girl, Noah. There are times where Noah does some things that warrant more than a timeout or spanking. She gets an actual punishment. The punishments normally have the most impact on her. Most of the time she loses her T.v. Shows for an extended period of time, like for a whole day. If she misbehaves before bedtime and does one of those specific things that warrant a punishment I will let her know she gets no T.V. in the morning, which is her favorite time to watch T.V. This morning Noah is without her "Shows". When I start to feel bad about punishing her, I just remind myself of how much her behavior has improved in other areas as a result of being punished. I remind myself of some of the things she use to do and she doesn't anymore because of being punished. She has done well and I'm very proud of her, but I realize that I have to continue to allow her to experience the consequences of her bad behavior so she can continue to grow and learn. It is our job to train a child up in the way they should. God charges us as parents with that. While He is willing to help us and guide us, we have to be willing. Another thing that motivates me, is when I think about what will happen in the future if I don't discipline her now, not a pretty picture. It easier for them to learn these lessons now than later. And the costs of these lessons will be much higher as they get older.

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