Friday, July 1, 2011

They can't help it!

Last week my pastor talked about how Jesus came to set us free. But what really stuck with me was the purpose for which we've been set free. We have been set free by Jesus's loving sacrifice so we would be free to love ourselves and others in a way the pleases God. Young children don't always make that easy. Especially when you are going through something. Like when you barely have a voice and you are trying to get it back for a cruise you are going on in 2 days. I'm just saying............
When I tell my daughter that I need to give my voice a break she goes on like I didn't even say anything, like "I still want you to give me what I want". I know kids are born with selfishness already programmed in them. My daughter seems to mistake me for a waitress/slave sometimes so I'm trying to set the record straight. People like to say that young children are pure. It's so not true. While I believe that when children are young and don't know any better God you can't blame them. I think "they don't know any better" is a better statement to use then the word "pure". But I do know that there comes a time in a child's life as a parent to lovingly start holding them accountable for their behavior. My daughter is 3. I am starting to really enforce consequences for her actions, but I also told her that when she turns 4 yr old we are going to have some new rules in our house for her. I'm not the strictest parent, because it's not my personal parenting style. However, there are times where I have to put my own personal preferences aside in order to be the parent that my daughter needs me to be right now.

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