Monday, August 8, 2011


Mondays are actually the only day of the week where I intentionally focus the majority of my attention on Noah.  It's kind of "Spotlight on Noah" day.  I was a little tired today, so I wasn't as energetic as I normally am but we were still able to get out to our new, neat little place we found, that has like 12 swingsets inside a showroom with 2 big trampolines.  It's this company that sells swingsets and slides.  They have a freeplay twice a week in their showroom that's free for kids 8 and under from 10am -1pm.  I'm keeping it a secret, because as of now not many people know about it.  We made it to that, which gives me a chance to run around with Noah a little bit and jump on the trampoline with her and stuff.  Then we went to the Vitamin Shoppe.  We vacuumed the car and came home.  She had a little T.V. time, ate lunch, bathroom Then we hung out in her room reading books and going over her sight words.  Then we designed an invitation to give to her daddy for the fashion show that we are doing for him tonite at 5pm.  We got the idea from one of her barbie books.  I like to do special stuff with her on Mondays.

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