Monday, August 22, 2011


My daugher started her first day of her "full-time" school schedule today.  Up until now she has only been going 2 days per week, now she is going 5 days and she seems super excited!  I thank God for confirming beyond a reasonable doubt that this was the time for her to begin this particular new stage in her life.  As she is beginning a new stage in her life, I am also beginning a new stage in mine.  A stage that I am feeling surprisingly confident about.  I am going from having a preschooler at home with me most of the time, preparing learning activities for her, coordinating fun things to do and playdates; to being at home all week without her.  I'm handing over some of the reigns of my daughters development to someone else.  But she is truly blessed to be going to the school where she goes and the people there are loving, compassionate and engaged in the children there.  I know God has placed this school in our  lives.  I'm also in the process of looking for work myself.  I am trying to get back into the administrative field.   I have over 8 years experience and that field has been really good to me.  During those 8 years, I have had many exciting opportunities to grow and spread my wings.  So I'm turning back to the field hoping God will show the same grace and favor He has in the past.  So I'm starting this process of looking for work and I'm not looking for things to happen overnight, I'm just excited about what kind of work God is going to do in me through this process.  I have this weird confidence.  Like I walked into 2 different company offices today, introduced myself, told them I was looking for administrative work and gave them my resume'.  I didn't feel shy or anything; and I've never done that before.  In that past I use to want God to show me where everything is going to end up, but right now I'm genuinely in a  place where I just want God work in me.  Another "process" our family is going through is looking to buy a house.  We have been looking for quite some time.  Just haven't found the right place.  Another thing different about me is that I would normally be overly eager to find something.  But again I'm really excited about what this "process" will reveal to us about ourselves and what we really want and what is really going the be right for our family.  Again, I actually want God's will with no conditions attached.  I'm just waiting for his will to be unveiled slowly but surely and again I look forward to what will happen with our walk with Him as a result.  

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