Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quick Tips

I have been reading some posts recently on people having problems keeping their granite counter tops clean.  Well, one particular post had a lady that said it seems she has to go over them with a rag several times before the feel smooth and clean.   Well I had the same problem.  Today I figured it out.  After dinner I took a clean damp rag and wiped over my granite counter tops to get all the crumbs and spills up. Then once I got the crumbs and spills up I went back over them with a dry paper towel.  They were smooth after that.  I feel like when you let them dry on their own they don't get as clean and also the paper towel not only gets up the water so they are dry but also any extra residue you may have missed.

Another easy thing to do at night, like if your sink is looking a bit dingy and you want it to shine.  After you do your dishes and rinse any food down the drain, put some baking soda around you sink and in your drain.  Wipe the baking soda around the surface of your sink with a wet rag then rinse with hot water.  Not only will your sink shine, but the baking soda will eliminate any strong odors that might have come out of the drain later.

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