Saturday, August 20, 2011


Saturdays are my "Don't take life too seriously" day.
Saturdays are my "Don't worry how much T.V. my daughter watches" day.
Saturdays are my "Avoid cleaning like the plague" day.
Saturdays are my "Don't worry about my family's nutrition" day.

Saturdays are definitely my sabbath days.  See on Friday things are kind of tapering to go into my Sabbath day.  Like I normally don't cook on Fridays, but I do clean and make sure Noah is occupied with fun productive activities.  Sundays are like my jumpstart for the week.  I jump back on the cleaning bandwagon on Sunday, the cooking bandwagon too.  I'm back to doing activities with Noah and I'm thinking about the week ahead.  As God would have it, I do only has 1 day a week for a day of rest and thank God for it. 


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