Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just my life

When I started this blog, I declared it as "my space".  My therapeutic space to go through life's trials and triumphs.  But sometimes when people start reading your blog you start to question what to share.  But I love being a transparent person and I think I want to get back to doing this on the blog.  I am loving my daughter more and more everyday.  I really think my love will always increase with every passing day for her.  As  she grows God is revealing layer upon layer of her beautiful personality.  I find myself fixating on every little thing about her because she is growing so fast.  She started going to school 5 days a week about 2 weeks ago and she hasn't complained not once.  I have to believe that it's a result of constant prayer for her concerning school.  She is my beautiful little gem!  I'm loving our marriage.  Although we have our ups and downs, our arguments;  Our marriage is the most beautiful relationship I have ever experienced with another human being.  There is such a calm and peace.  The peace factor is huge!  The peace and ease that comes with 2 people choosing to be there for each other everyday, being committed to the family and truly desiring the very best for one another.  Jesus told us to take His yoke upon us and learn of him, and we would find rest for our souls.  He said that His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  As I reflect on that everyday, I apply it to my marriage.  I figured if Jesus meant for this to be how my relationship with Him should function than that is how it's meant to be with my husband.  He is the head in our marriage and represents Jesus's headship in this family. 

On another note, I always say Saturday is my Sabbath day because it's the day that I avoid work like the plague.  But this Saturday was different.  Noah needed her hair washed  and I decided to cook dinner too, since I was doing a little work I decided to go for the whole shebang and take my Sabbath today instead.  Yay!  Today is my rest day. No cooking, no cleaning.  Taking my time.  I do love my Sabbath and I am grateful for it. It keeps my week balanced and I get to rest without guilt. 

Since I am being transparent, and this is my blog I figured I can talk about how excited I am about being in the process of buying a house in VA and there is a good chance I'm pregnant.  It's not official yet, but there is a very good chance. 

Since Noah has started going to school everyday my week has been as full as ever.  Just to backtrack a little bit; not long after Reggie and I got married I took on the role of being a full-time "Homemaker".  It was a very difficult transition to go from working in the marketplace to working in the home.  I didn't know what to do and how to do it.  For a long time I wasn't very happy.  But Noah was born not long after and I was still transitioning.  Those early months were still difficult.  New marriage, living in a new city, new baby, new role in life.  It was hard.  But I kept feeling an urge to give it time.  I kept hearing the "whatever you spend most of your time doing is what you are going to get good at";  and I wanted to be a good keeper of my home.  I wanted to be a good wife and good mother.  So I followed that urge and went through the rough times, being uncomfortable and even questioning from family but encouragement from God and my hubby I have become a very happy homemaker.  I feel like I have the best job in the world!  It may be challenging but it's not stressful.  It keeps my family and I happy and healthy.  When I got married, the two things that become the most important to me in my life were being a good wife and being a good mother, if I don't excel at anything else I want to make sure I excel in those areas.   Don't get me wrong I have other strong skills in other areas, but I trust in God that if I stay focused on the right things, God will open doors of opportunities for excelling in other strengths as well.  I leave that part in His hands. 
One door He has opened is doing the Accounting and invoicing for my hubby's business.  I'm also going to start helping him with his EBay store very soon.  Thank God he has to pass more work on to me, he has to much to do it on his own. 

The big project I want to finish this year is gathering all my photographs together from around the house and getting photographs developed from our camera and off our hard drive and placing everything in a storage box together so I can finally finish my first scrap booking project and start putting pictures in photo albums. 

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