Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ever wonder????

When I started this blog it was suppose to be my uncensored space in a sense.  I place for me to reflect, ponder, and dissect the issues of my everyday life.  I don't and didn't really think many people were reading it.  I kind of still wonder if I'm one of the blogs that people glance at and say "nothing interesting here" and move on.  I know it's been helpful to me, but I wonder who else it's been helpful too.  I wonder how important it is that I put a voice to the going's on of my life on a daily basis.  While I am very interested in the lives of others I don't know if people are that interested in my life.  Someone recently has caused me to think and pray about the voice that God has given me in a lost and hurting world.  There was a time where I was very vocal about my faith in God and my belief about what he would do in my life and the life of others.  That voice was quieted a little by past hurts and disappointments.  Even though there is a small voice that whispers to me, that my voice matters.  I don't know if I believe it.  I believe I went though a lot of what I went through in my life for God to show me some things so I could be wiser but to also humble me and quiet me down so I could really hear Him.  Although I believe God has me right where He wants me right now, I wonder if this place has become a certain kind of comfort zone for me.  There are conversations that I have with certain people that cause me to want to bubble over in excitement, but these days I don't really allow myself to indulge in that excitement to much.  I don't know if that a good thing.

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