Friday, October 28, 2011

Fun little things

I'm so excited that I found the perfect little winter coat for my daughter.  I actually had a good idea this year of where I wanted to go with her winter wardrobe.  My daughter has a good sense of style and she enjoys wearing dresses and tights and nice boots.  Instead of just buying anything this Fall and Winter I really wanted to cater to her unique style. So after looking in about 4 or 5 stores, I found her the perfect coat at Gap Kids.  It's pink, ofcoarse she loves pink and it's got nice lining but it also reaches almost to her knees so it will keep her little legs warm this winter when she is wearing her tights and boots. It kind of flares out at the bottom which I really like because it makes the coat really versatile and gives it a little bit of a dressy appeal even though it is an outdoor winter coat.  I can't wait to show it to her I do hope she likes it.  I just need a couple of other essentials to make her wardrobe complete.  Couple more tights, couple pairs of knee socks, some more corduroy jeggings, I love how jeggings look on her.  She actually needs a lot of stuff.  I have to pace myself  I do hope she survived being outside in this cold weather at school since she insisted on wearing a dress and tights.  While I did layer her up, her little legs had to have been cold, even with the boots.  But, we'll see.  I do love that she likes wearing dresses.  She is such a little lady:)

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