Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Getting my energy back

I am getting my energy back.  I have a lot to share so I'm going to just go down a list.
Pregnancy had been kicking my behind.  Very nauseous and tired.  When Noah was at school all I did was sleep and eat and try to get our house in order with the little bit of time I had left.  With Noah, I was tired but I didn't nap much, I hate napping.  But this time around I didn't have a choice.  I was painfully tired.  Yesterday and today were the first 2 days that I've been able to stay up all day, for awhile.  It was nice to have my days back.  Thank you so much Lord for returning my strength and for all the prayers of everybody around me.  Pregnancy is going well as far as I know.  Per the advice of my cousin, I changed my diet and started trying to incorporate some new things that would help me with energy.  So I started eating clementine oranges.  They are so good.  I stopped eating the fast food that I was eating and got some soup and other easy things from Trader Joe's that I could make quickly for a quick meal during the day without cooking I had wild rice and barley soup with chicken today. I made myself a sandwich out of some Chipotle chicken that I bought from the grocery store.  I'm still pregnant so I can't do as much with Noah as I use to and I have a feeling that is forever changed.  I will always cherish the memories of all the experiences Noah and I had together when she was home with me full-time.  All the places we got to go.  Noah and I had so much fun.   Now she is a big girl and she has to go to school and I have a baby on the way and a business to run with my hubby and I have to see to those things.  Things always change, they never stay the same and it's foolish to try to keep things the same.  We have been going through the bowel movement struggle with Noah.  She has this idea that she can tell her body when she is ready to have a bowel movement instead of her body telling her.  We tried to tell her that she has to listen to her body when it comes to that but she did not listen and because I'm tired of fighting with her about it.  I took my mother-in-laws advice.  FIBER!  I went to the Vitamin Shoppe today and the girl miracle fiber.  It is a vegetable fiber that dissolves in fluid and you can bake and cook with it.  It has no taste or color. I decided I would make it so Noah could not hold her bowel movement.  I put a teaspoon of that in her apple juice along with some liquid Chlorophll and she couldn't help but go, it pushed itself out.   My mother-in-law said that sometimes you need to pack their diet with fiber to bulk up their bowel movements.  Especially because Noah doesn't really eat a whole lot.  That's all that's been going on with me.  My biggest lesson from these past 2 months is that you can't keep things in you life from changing.  You can't keep the same routines or the same diets or the same habits because life changes and it's easiest to change with it.

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