Thursday, November 10, 2011

Busy woman???

I use to browse bookshelves at times when I first became a mom and I would see "Busy Mom's Guide to.......", and I would say to myself "I'm not one of 'those'". I'm not a "busy mom". "This book is not for me". But oh how the tables turn and a revelation comes. Maybe I've been in denial on some level. But I looked at my week this week and I've been running errands everyday plus getting dinner cooked for my family, plus trying to do what little cleaning I could, plus trying to stop and spend time focusing on God and His word, plus spending quality time with Noah, plus the intimate wifely duties and not to forget the family business. I have stuff to post on eBay today, an invoice to do and I have to catch up on some other accounting things. Today as I looked at all this I said to myself "Ande, you are now officially a 'busy mom'. Now maybe some of those books might help me. Admitting that I'm a busy mom might help me to take it easy on myself in terms of the things I cannot seem to get to. It is all about priorities, you can't do it all. The needs of your family members should determine priorities, not your own personal agenda.

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