Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Goals in life

I think it's important to have goals in life, things that you are passionate about achieving.  Everybody has different goals.  I don't judge others for their goals and I don't really care who judges me.  I think as a mom or dad when you are focused on your goals you have to remember their is a little person watching and in a lot of cases ready to replicate the life you are living.  When I got saved, I wanted to be the best "child of God" I could be.  I won't say "best Christian" because I know I'm human and I wasn't looking to perform for God.  But I knew I wanted to be a darn good child to my Father.  I still feel that way.  When I got married, I wanted to be the best darn wife I could be to my husband.  That was my goal.  It still is.  But I always have to keep in mind that only God knows what kind of wife Reggie needs, what things are important to our marriage and what things are not important so in order to be the best darn wife I can be to Reggie.......I have to be in tune to God and in tune to my husband.  Over the years I've realized there are things concerning "life at home" that were important to me but not all that important to him.   We all know that women know how to "make a home" but at the same time I had to let go of things that were robbing our marriage.  While  there are certain things I want in a home, certain things I want to do with our home; I won't do it at the expense of our marriage.  When I became a mom I wanted to be the best darn mom I could be.  To me that meant being accountable for all aspects of my child's life.  In the areas of health, Reggie and I have been the main decision makers, not our doctors.  When it comes to her education, we laid that foundation at home; now that she is in school I am careful to not place the responsibility of her education completely on them.  It is still my responsibility, her school is a part of a team of people that God has sent to us to help us in that area.  But Reggie and I are still the one's that God holds accountable.  In the area of her relationship with God, it is our responsibility to share God's word with her and to parent her in such a way where it will point her to God and not point her away from God.  We want her to feel the stability and the love from God through our parenting but we don't won't to try to be God in her life.  We are not perfect but we want to point her in the direction of the PERFECT PARENT.  Noah needs to know that as her parents, it is inevitable that we will fail her and disappoint her at times, but she need to know that God will never fail her.  This e-mail pretty much encompass my goals in life,  I would love to be able to minister and encourage the hearts of other women along the way.

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