Sunday, November 27, 2011

Laugh or cry

I am choosing to laugh. I would like to get on the topic of husbands. Are they not some funny people? Granted I love my husband, he is the most awesome husband in the world to me. There are things that I have kept back from my blog just because I never want to give the wrong idea about him. But he is in fact a man, so any woman who has been married knows what I mean. Men are not that different from Each other. When I was younger people use to tell me I was funny, so I figured why not take a stab at it now. I have gotten so serious since I got married, well wait, lemme just say since I "grew up". Lemme just be honest about my dear, sweet husband. Ok, so I normally get up with Noah at around 7am every morning. I get juice snack, breakfast, etc. Ever so often I need a break from getting up in the morning and having to jump right into action, so I ask hubby to get up with Noah . He so willingly does. Well, this morning was one of those mornings. So I get up later on and ask Noah what she ate. She says she had juice, gummies , applesauce crushers. There was a choice of oatmeal, french toast, apples, and cereal. Did you notice that all the items I mentioned require just a little preparation while the one's my hubby and daughter chose have no preparation. I guess I shouldn't be to hard on them. She did have applesauce right? That's healthy......let's not talk about when something goes wrong; something spills or somebody, namely Noah gets hurt. This morning there was applesauce on the floor I said "what happened here". Hubby says, "Noah did that". Did he really think I was questioning "who" did it? I remember that him and Noah were playing one night. I hear Noah crying, I come downstairs and her lip is bleeding. I say again "what happened?" Hubby says "that was Noah, she was playing with (his) exercising wheel and fell on it". My hubby was sitting right next to her playing with her when it happened, but it was all noah's fault right? Did I mention I love my hubby. I have to go now, I am contemplating locking my 4 year old in her room for the day, so my hubby and I can relax. Would that be "abuse" if I let her out to go potty and for meals??

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