Sunday, November 27, 2011

One day at a time and small steps

Kids are all wired differently.  Just like adults, they have different strengths and weaknesses.  My daughter Noah loves to be social and interact with others. It is one of her strengths.  But because she is young, one of her weaknesses is not knowing how to reign that in and be content playing by herself.  I've noticed as she gets older it's getting worst.  Noah doesn't know how to slow down and relax and her independent play skills are lagging as well.  So her daddy and I are starting the process not only of teaching her how to relax again but also how to be content playing on her own.  The thing is....... all kids have to learn how to be content with themselves, if not they will become adults that depend on others constantly to entertain and stimulate them.  I know, because I was one of those adults.  Being content to be by yourself and knowing when to slow down and relax is something that has to be taught to some kids.  It's just as important a skill as learning their ABC's.  I always keep in mind that Noah naturally has alot of energy and is a social butterfly who loves interacting with others.  But I don't let that overshadow the fact that she needs "downtime".  I took the first step tonite.  Even when I'm getting Noah ready for bed she acts so wired up and just won't stay still.  So, now she will have 30 minutes at night, in her room to play by herself "QUIETLY" before we start her bedtime routine; which is books, backrub, and bed.  She did it tonite and she did a great job.  I took her 4 barbie dolls, her build-a-bear and her baby doll.  Oh yeah, I gave her a couple books as well.  I found she was not as winded up when her dad was reading her books tonite.  Hopefully this helps us move in the right direction.  Nothing is good when it is excessive and we have to teach our kids that as well.   Everything in moderation.

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