Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Random, fun, useful

Caramel brûlée latte - the first one I have tried in years that I actually like. Bottoms up!
Me time today! I have work waiting for me at home but I really felt the need to go another direction today. At barnes and nobles looking at the folowwing books: "good enough is the new perfect" and " happy chaos"

Here is a good quote for moms; "you can do anything-this doesn't mean you have to do everything. How appropriate for today.

More random stuff...... I declared that I would absolutely not wear ugg boots this year. But I do miss the convenience of them. But I will resist temptation to get some. They just are not that sexy.......I refuse to let my pregnancy and a new baby take my sexy away. Granted I am not glamorous most days. But I wear my leggings instead of sweats most of the time and my hubby likes me in my leggings, it is easier for me to be comfortable and still show off my figure. I personally think leggings are a great choice for pregnancy. So much you can do with them. I am scared uggs might cause me to regress back to frumpyville.

What else..................pregnancy is going grat. Baby is always moving and it is so early. Very exciting. I am so excited to meet this little active soul.

Loving the show "reed between the lines". Can't wait to see Tyler perry's new series. Noah is turning 4 next week and impresses me every day with just who she is and who she is becoming. Have alot of deep stuff on my mind but just don't feel like being deep.

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