Sunday, November 27, 2011

What you want and why???

The heart condition is about the most important thing to God when it comes to His people.  "The Heart Condition".  One might call the "heart condition"  our motives.  Many times as women we get concerned about things getting done.  We have a lot to do right?!!.  Well, not necessarily according to God.  We have created a set of values in our lives and part of them are not God's values.  Is that ok???  I don't know..............................We have the special gifts from the Holy Spirit.   These gifts are different from one believer to the next.   The Holy Spirit also gives us the motivation, inspiration, and energy to pursue those things in our daily lives.  When that inspiration, motivation, and energy are not there it's hard to do certain things.  Back to the "gifts"..................................................I find that you see some people shining ever so brightly in their gifts while others, you just see a flicker.  I'm not comparing, it's more of an observation.  I think we should all shine brightly in our gifts.  I believe the Holy Spirit gives us power to do that.  But I believe sometimes we spend so much time trying to do other things by our own power that those gifts get overshadowed by areas of our lives where we are not quite as gift.  Joyce Myers said something during one of her sermons that I will never forget.  She said that there are things that we will never be great at no matter how hard we practice or try.   She said on a scale of 1 to 10 we might be able to grow to a 5 in those areas.  She said that we need to spend more time nurturing the areas where we are strong because the world doesn't need a bunch of "5s".  She said to spend time functioning in our strengths.  Not our weaknesses.  Even now that resonates with me so strong.  What do we do about our weaknesses?  The word that comes to mind.  DELEGATE!!!. 

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