Friday, January 20, 2012

Be still and wait

"Be still and wait" How many parents say that to their little ones throughout any given day? Many times they do not listen. It is literally on of the hardest things for kids to do. But it is also one of the most valuable things they can learn to do. As I am teaching my 4 year old I try to stay focused on teaching her things that are going to be of most value in her relationship with God. I do realize her most successful life will come from foundational principles that will help her in her relationship with god even more so than academics. I do feel like learning how to wait and be still at times should be one of the most important lessons her dad and I need to teach her. Another lesson is that god is near her and her very present help in her time of need, like when she gets scared at night, teaching her that even though mommy and daddy are sleep, god never sleeps and is always protecting her.

On another note. I have found lately that ther is so much I want to get done in any given day but not enough time to get it all done. So I have decded instead of looking foe the latest "Busy Moms" book for advice, I have to start my day off with god and consult him to see what I am to focus on in any given day. I feel like relying on myself to order my day have caused some very important aspects of my life to suffer. Like reaching out to loved ones in different ways. That really has been the thong that has laid heaviest on my heart.

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