Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finding serenity in the chaos

I sincerely believe we all need to have a quiet place to escape to. Children might not know it, but they do to. It is not always easy to find that place in the "chaos". I am starting something today that is going to help myself and my daughter to have a quiet place. I have noticed that my daughter has a real issue with knowing when and how to slow down and take a rest. Now I know she is only 4, but I have noticed that her body cannot take her running around constantly, busy, busy, busy like she could when she was a toddler. It takes it's toll on her health. Because she is an early riser, does not take naps and stays busy; she really needs downtime forced upon her.I need it to. We get up and I take her to school and I take care of the things I have to get done for the day, then I go pick her up around 3pm. Normally I have already had a full day and she wants me to play with her as soon as we get home from school. I play with her until 4:30. Then it is time to cook dinner. While I appreciate our time together I Feel like my life is cluttered when it comes to time. I need to.clear it out. It is a perfect opportunity for this issue because we are moving. Believe physical clutter can clutter up you time. I will star taking baby steps to clear out the physical clutter. 2 steps a day. Starting today.
1. Wash all my laundry
2 buy another bingo pack some more stuff up and some type of wicker basket to collect excess things in the living room before we go off to school

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