Thursday, January 26, 2012

I use to be the type of person that would sense something on my heart, draw my own conclusions and react right away. I would sense a burden on my heart and then I have to do something about it right away.. Howevr god has shown me another way, in his grace and mercy. I obviously still have a way to go and I am even reluctant to write about this because I do make so many mistakes. But I am so very grateful for the things it seems god is confirming in my life after letting things marinate on my heart for quite a long while. He is confirming some things about how I am to govern myself with my family as we move to a new stage in our lives. There are areas of life where I thought I was being overprotective of my 4 year old daughter. But god has shown me that I was just using the wisdom he has given me about my own child. But I am glad that I stepped back and let him show me instead of assuming I was doing right. There can be some bumps in the road while your waiting for god to respond to the things on your heart but I believe it is worth it when you wait on him because you cannot be influenced as much by others concerning those decisions. He is also showing me how to be patient while shepherding a child's heart without giving up. There are some ares of "life at home" where I have really had to pull in the reigns in with Noah. While I have in the past I have let her slide on a lot of things, she is hold enough to be held more accountable for her actions. Teaching her to respect her parents authority is a big one right now. She does really well with it away from home, but she has been allowed so much freedom and now that she is a little older she needs to learn to respect our authority better so that we can have a "peaceful" home. Yes, I believe it is possible to have a peaceful home, with young children present, depends on what you're definition of "peace" is. To me a "peaceful" home just means a healthy pace of life in the home that promotes balance and health in our lives. Lately I have felt like that was slipping away. I woke up this morning realizing I could not go another day without seriously addressing that I was not happy with the current pace of " home life". I just knew that today was the day where this issue would start to seriously be addressed. Now up until today I feel like Noah has been pretty much setting the pace of our lives at home. Not good at all. A 4year old is not the individual that you want setting the pace in your life. It says in the bible that children are a reWard from the lord. They are to be enjoyed by us. But if we start letting them control our lives it will be hard to enjoy them. I have made some changes and I have enjoyed myself today more than I have in a long time. While I hate to stay on Noah constantly, there is a time and habits that need to be broken for noah's own good and the health of our family. While there are some things that are not easy to teach to children. I am thinking that if I persevere it will yield great fruit.

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